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dino in egg watercolor 32 * 20 cm





The Great Grebe    65 * 50 cm   pastel




Antilope    65 * 70 cm    pastel





Ocelot   20 * 20 cm   watercolour




Wiebe   65 * 50 cm     watercolour





  Donkey Charcoal



  Lemur pen&ink




  Bear Pen Drawing 



  Black Bears    pen



  A Cow   colour pencil      




  Red-white Cow   acryl  40x40 cm




  Shelduck     watercolour     



  Eider     watercolour




  Giraffe - imapala  sketches  pen   



  Drinking  Giraffe   ink




  Oryx   pen&ink     




  Wildebeast    pen&ink



  Fox    mixed medium 




  fighting hares  watercolour  




  Snipe   watercolour  card-size 



  Lapwing  wader   pen



  Zebra  pen&ink     



  Ibex in the Alps   pen&ink



  Common Raccoon  pen&ink   



  Head of a lioness  pen



  Walrus mixed medium    




  Whale watercolour




 A Thirsty Cat   pen and wash    




  The black Bear - ink wash



  Rhino -  watercolour



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