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Benny and Emma are a Dutch couple who love art and live in pursuit of their art. Their works displayed here are original and one of a kind. Both are self- taught and had their classes in later years of their lives.


Benny works mostly in watercolour, pastels and with pen and ink. In 2004 - 2006 he had 5 one- man exhibitions in Friesland, Netherlands and it created great interest from discerning art lovers and also did well in sales. His works are in private collections across Europe, USA and also are bought by Gemeentehuis of Skarstelan and quasi-government offices.

In the 70s and again in the 90s he was a regular contributor for a National daily printed from Mumbai. His cartoons focused on Indian political and social scene. He also wrote a regular column under ‘Morning Cup’ and ‘Men in Focus.’

His books cover a wide range under fiction and non-fiction. Picture books for children, poetry, collected fractured fairy tales, fables and novels are on offer under fiction.

Under non-fiction he has among other things House of Fame: Pen Portraits of Famous People and Anecdotes.

Emma’s watercolors are intuitively created and each gift card is a part of the serene world of her life-experience. Her cards are sold through gift-shops/restaurants and online.

Gift books with poetry, inspirational passages and quotable quotes have Emma’s watercolors complementing the text by Benny.

Emma's handmade books are available with watercolor paper and as a notebook. The covers are in linnen or paper with paintings of Emma or Benny.

Photobooks. Emma's photo's from The Nilgiris - a mountain range in the South of India. A sample of daily life as it is seen by her. The photographs are styled with poems from Benny Thomas. A fine table book and a refreshing view on this part of the world.

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