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Photobooks - My New Country




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Here is an album of Images of My New Country - India, where I started living and what I saw was impressive. It is easy to make photographs but to be objective is quite something else. Benny Thomas added the book with his beautiful poems. The photographs are centered around Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri in The Nilgiris mountainrange.





"Come sit with me,

away from heat of the day;

There are mysteries

as plain as day,

for the seeing eye."


57 pages filled with 58 images and 18 poems.....


   Pocketsize    Price 16.50


     Hardcover   Price37.00


Ships in 35 business days





Photo's from The Nilgiris - a mountain range in the South of India. A sample of daily life as it is seen by me. The photographs are styled with poems from Benny Thomas. A fine table book and a refreshing view on this part of the world.







Petals of Hibiscus curl up

surrounded by deepveined leaves-

slash of red in languor

under lazy limpid sky.



63 pages filled with 72 images and 19 poems.....


Price 18.00

Ships in 35 business days


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