What is the secret of the astounding succes of Omar Khayyam? Benny Thomas has set himself a task to celebrate the immortal testament of the Persian astronomer-poet in some 265 quatrains evocative of his epigrammatic style. The book carries a foreword by Prof. Mehdi Aminrazavi.

Benny has also created some 50 illustrations for this book.

This book contains the same 255 quatrains without the illustrations. 


kindle edition

$ 7 


This book contains 255 quatrains

with paintings from the author's hand. 

ISBN: 9781724384676

$ 54 

size: 6*9 inch

Rumi'nations contains annotations to various quotes of Rumi in a slim volume, with some illustrations.

ISBN 9781326056681

$ 10,30

some illustrstions to my book

The illustrasted Omar Khayyam

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